About Coastland


As a band, Music is one of our favorite ways to connect with the world;
It’s also one of our favorite ways to see the world connect with Jesus.

We are honored to use this platform of music to see the broken redeemed, the lost found, to see God exalted and make the love of Jesus known.


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Sailing single





Make Music / Free Slaves


As Musicianaries we believe in using what God has given us as a way to bridge the gap for the hurt, oppressed, and captive. We are so thankful to use our band as a way to raise resource and inspire hope in other to do the same. We are partnered with some of the most incredible organizations in the world, fighting slavery, caring for orphans and refugees and rescuing boys and girls in forced sex trafficking.

With the crucial role of our monthly partners, donors, and events we raise finance that works two-fold: First, given directly to our partners on the ground seeing people rescued and encountering the truth of The Creator, and secondly to create content that generates more revenue to give in to more projects.