"Bridging the gaps in our world" 

Connecting conflict to comfort, resource to need, and freedom to people in darkness.


Hey Friends and Coastland Family!

     At the beginning of this year, I felt this echoing “GO” to carry out the next step of this “Musicianary” journey. I launched “Make Music Free Slaves” to carry out our non-profit mission focused on sharing the heart of God, caring for people at risk, and rescuing kids in sex slavery. With an incredible team based in Nashville TN, we’re seeing the foundations of this world continue to shake with heaven’s freedom. This comes with the humbling realization that what we have the opportunity to accomplish requires partnership.

     I’ve listed a few of the projects this year alone holds at the bottom of this letter,
We’re big on making every penny count, 100% of what comes into MMFS is directed towards Missional efforts. A small percentage of what’s given is put towards creative projects that within themselves generate more revenue for missions. We have several partnerships abroad with constant needs sharing the truth of Jesus, caring for kids, and fighting human trafficking. We’re currently involved in planning even more trips to South Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America and Iraq.

    Coastland and MMFS is a registered non-profit so you can use us as a tax write off! Please share this thing with anyone you can think too, we’re eager to team up with more businesses, churches, and individuals in order to accomplish powerful things together. Please send us an email if you are interested in joining a trip! Honored to serve you and the Lord together. From my heart and on behalf of those we get to rescue together, Thank you SO much!

In Faith,
Jamie Schmidt
Director Coastland Inc.


Monthly Partnership
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March '18

We've been blessed to serve fundraisers for Ukraine Orphan care in the past, but now have the opportunity to visit and serve Education charity organization, Hebron school with teaching and worship. We would love to bring as much of a financial gift with us as possible too.


August '18

We have an amazing opportunity to join friends who have been regularly making trips to Cuba. Eager to serve the local church and the community in action as God has been moving mightily in this stage of Cuba's history. We're going to continue to serve as the Lord allows, and the border stays open!


SouthEast Asia

Summer 2018

Some of the most impactful anti-trafficking and orphanage organizations we work alongside exist in Southeast Asia. Along with others from our Musicianary community, we’ll be sharing in worship, word, and events from Thailand through Japan. There are lots of communities to reach, raids to fund, and resources to build, so how much we’re able to do in this trip is still dependent on incoming resources.

IMG_2542 3.JPG

South Africa

Winter 2018

We are planning on taking a team of 10 to South Africa as we carry out services and outreach in villages, churches, and various communities. Along with another MMFS teammate, Morgan Fisher (who has lived in S.A. on several occasions) we have an amazing variety of communities to serve alongside and pour into. In our previous trips to SA, we saw amazing love spreading in communities, lives’ completely transformed, and people healed in the name of Jesus. We’re so excited for this trip as we now even greater things are in store.


For any other questions or info please don't hesitate to send us an email at MakeMusicFreeSlaves@gmail.com

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